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"You are on a special mission behind enemy lines.  The enemy is chasing you.  Your mission is complete, but the journey home is even more perilous.  As you quietly make your way across a rocky embankment in the dark, you hear the tell-tale sounds of enemy soldiers as they approach your position.  Your heart is pounding.  Although operating undercover, you are concerned that your true identity has been exposed.  Exhausted, famished and dehydrated, you know that one false move could be your last."

True, we rarely face such extreme stressful circumstances.  However, our lives consist of a continuum of lower-level stressful events.

Most of us are confronted with a constant barrage of stress - some mild, some more severe. We face stress at home and at work; with our spouses, child and parents, partners and friends, employer and employees.  Simple everyday tasks like driving, watching TV, or reading the paper can easily become stress triggers.

How does the continuum of stressful events impact us? The price is high. We are tired, worried, tense, and unhappy.  We become reactive, defensive, and easily angry. We underperform and lose our zest for life.

But there are situations where one’s inability to overcome stress is a matter of life and death.  In the description above in which you operate behind enemy lines and suspect that your true identity has been exposed, you must remain intently aware of all that goes on around you while acting utterly calm and carefree. One nervous gesture, one frightened glance, can mean the difference between life and death.

Meet Dr. Gill Heart, founder and CEO of Mind in Control. Using techniques adapted from those taught to undercover Special Forces trained to operate deep behind enemy lines, you will learn to control your emotional response to stress triggers. 

The premise of Mind in Control is that we cannot always change the world around us, but we can learn to change ourselves. Rather than responding emotionally to internal and external triggers, we can learn to minimize the impact of these events.

Mind in Control interactive workshops will introduce your group to some of these powerful tools of personal change. 

Mind in Control also provides individualized training sessions, teaching you to apply these tools to stressors in both the personal and professional arena.